For more than 25 years…

…our American Bar has been creating its reputation for party and lifestyle. Established around a small group of party people, the Bar changed its style over the course of the years.
The last major renovation in 2004 gave the Bar its lounge and Club character and we also tried to bring this classy bar up to date in terms of sound, style and offer.
We, the team of the American Bar Nussdorf, try to create a very unique party experience for our customers, one that you cannot find anywhere else around the Attersee. Party in a small but stylish location to the finest in House & Electro, R&B, Soul & Funk!
We will try our best to keep it this way every year.

Mayer´s Bar

A cozy and charming bar with a unique style! This former ice cellar was transformed into a bar way back in the 70´s and is part of Nussdorf´s party culture ever since!
Come and join us for a drink or a late night snack!
Our special offer:
Hot stone steak – stones from a river close by are heated up in the open fire – served on a wooden board every person gets to grill his own 220 g Steak on his stone! Served with a baked potato and two sauces this steak dinner is a unique experience! But be careful – never touch the stone!!!

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