We have always written enjoyment history

The Hotel Aichinger is one of the very oldest inns on Lake Attersee. Its nearly 200-year history has been marked by constant change – and yet there is a leitmotif that has remained constant throughout the centuries: we consider ourselves a hotel that never stops offering our guests exceptional enjoyment. This principle has been evident in every phase of development since the hotel's first mention as a hostelry and brewery. It is also what has made it one of the best in the region.

Beer was first brewed on this site around 1870, which gave rise to the restaurant name "Das Bräu". In 1877, an innovation from France was adopted – this introduction of the first menu soon reinforced the hotel restaurant's refined, cosmopolitan image. The hotel offered rooms with private sanitary facilities, a rarity in rural areas at that time. And in 1967, the first passenger lift on the Attersee was built here.

Today, the Hotel Aichinger is a multi-award-winning, four-star boutique hotel featuring modern seminar and event rooms, a gourmet restaurant, newly designed Attersee lofts, a Mediterranean pool area, a spa and many other amenities. And yet it is still primarily the enjoyment which distinguishes this house and which our guests appreciate so very much. 

Even in the past, our house made sure to provide enjoyment, as stories and photos of the former brewery prove. Around 1900, for example, there was a so-called ice machine on the lake: in order to cool the beer in the cellar of our Landhaus (today's Mayer's Bar), wooden scaffolding was constructed on Lake Attersee and doused with ice-cold water from the lake several times a day. After a few days, large icicles would form that could be "harvested"; these were transported to the brewery on a carriage and unloaded into the cellar through a delivery shaft. The precious beer was stored there as well, in barrels that were well cooled by the ice, which kept the beer fresh for longer.