Spa & Lakeside beach

What do our guests enjoy doing most, besides sailing, hiking and golfing? Nothing!

Simply savour the sweet pleasure of doing absolutely nothing. Such as on our beach or in our pool or spa area.

The spa area

We know how to outwit the rain 

The sun doesn't always shine here on Lake Attersee, even if we wish it did. That's why we offer our guests a small but first-rate wellness area with sauna, steam room and aroma booth.

So slip on the fluffy bathrobe, pick up a good book, and let the rain fall outside. Afterwards you'll feel an inner calm and the air outside will be clear again. 


Lakeside beach on lake Attersee

We are so close to Lake Attersee

Our 2,000 m² private beach is not far from the hotel. You can relax in the shade of the old trees and enjoy the views of the crystal-clear water, the passing sailboats and the mountains of the Höllengebirge. High-quality loungers, private changing booths and modern lavatories ensure carefree hours here.

A day at the lake in the Salzkammergut sunshine truly works wonders. Everyday worries are instantly forgotten, your phone loses its importance, and your focus tunes into nature's beauty. The only decision to be made is whether or not to go exploring in our nostalgic wooden rowboat. 

Pool & Pool garden

We love abundance

Why do we have a pool garden, you ask, even though we already enjoy an unbeatable location right next to Lake Attersee? Because we love and live the concept of abundance! Across an area of 1,500m², a lush summer oasis awaits our guests, complete with sun loungers, lounge furniture and our wonderful vintage pool house.

Our pool always has comfortable bathing temperatures and is often preferable when the lake is still too cold for swimming. At 77 m², it also appeals to sporty lap swimmers. A dip in the pool before breakfast or after jogging is invigorating. 

No matter if you're out in the sunshine, or in a cool and shady spot, our service staff will be happy to bring you a refreshing drink or a light snack. 

Our pool and pool garden will open from may untill the end of september!